Integration and Boxbuild Services

Our HLA capabilities uniquely position us with the ability to provide a one stop shop for all advanced system packaging needs including Enclosures, Power Distribution Systems, Backplanes, thermal management systems and cable harnesses.


HLA integrations are managed by Business Cells - customer focused teams that manage all aspects of production including planning, scheduling, supply management, product assembly and test.


Optimum customer value can be realized by leveraging our vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities. Our operational model has been specifically designed to enable us to minimize the supply chain touchpoints and avoid ‘margin stacking.’


HLA business cells typically feature unique PokaYoke Tooling designed to engineer quality into the manufacturing process and ‘Buddy’ Check Systems that ensure that each process step is independently checked before each subsequent process.
Supply process set-up ensures that all inventories are lean and available at the Point of Use and managed by manufacturing operators. HLA services include, software configuration and Direct Order Fulfillment Services.


System test development for HLA’s is an area of particular strength for Concurrent Manufacturing Solutions. The potential fault spectrum associated with every application is carefully evaluated before devising an appropriate test strategy.